Ministry of Discipleship

Welcome to the Ministry of Discipleship student page. This is a course I teach at Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge Ontario. It is taught during the Fall 2020 semester. Here you will find the notes, PowerPoints and other resources related to the course.



Lecture 1-Introduction.     Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 2-The OT Picture of Discipleship.     Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 3-Gospels and Acts.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 4-Discipleship the Jesus Way.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 5-Epistles and Church History.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 6-The Church's Discipleship Tension.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 7-One to Another.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 8-Models: Small Groups.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 9-Models: Sermon-Based Groups.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 10-Virtual Reality-Part 1.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 11-Virtual Reality-Part 2.    Notes.    PowerPoint

Lecture 12-Walking with Jesus in a Hostile World.    Notes.    PowerPoint