Welcome to my personal website. This site is meant to be an encouragement to you. My intent is to present biblical faith in a positive and authentic light, with the goal of strengthening your walk of faith.

I am the lead pastor of Village Green Community Church in London, Ontario, Canada. I am also a host of the podcast, Theology Jam, with Matthew Burkholder and author of The Trojan Horse of Leadership, and Touching God.

I also served as a professor of biblical studies for 27 years so my hope is that you will find something of value here.

Theology Jam Podcast

A podcast that looks at the contemporary faith issues facing the church. From deconstruction, sexuality, leadership dynamics, to doctrinal issues, the podcast investigates the current cultural landscape through the lens of Christian academia and theology.

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Touching God: Discovering Prayer that moves the heart of God

Prayer is an important discipline, yet for many, it can be either confusing, intimidating, or not well understood. In Touching God: Discovering Prayer that Moves the Heart of God, you will discover a new dimension of prayer-one that will deepen not only this important spiritual discipline in your life, but also your relationship to God. This book will help transform your prayer life from spiritual duty, to one that will touch the very heart of God.

"Jon is the real thing. And his beautiful book on the power of prayer and relevancy of prayer to all of life's circumstances directs us to the realest thing of all: the God who loves us and desires relationship with us. Let's talk with him as we walk with him."
Carolyn Weber, New College Franklin

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The Trojan Horse of Leadership: Battling the Enemy We All Face.

The book explores how our strengths - the very characteristics that make us likeable, marketable, successful, and worth following - can actually contribute to sabotaging our life and leadership. Using the well-known story of the Trojan Horse as a backdrop, the book explores the character failings that can come from our best attributes.

You can check out the free preview chapters HERE.

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