How to Study the Bible

Ever wonder about understanding the Bible better? How do we interpret Law over Gospel over Apocalyptic language? Is every Proverb a promise? Join me Monday evenings on YouTube Live at 8:00 pm EST for How to Study the Bible.

A note on Week 12. We had the internet go down near the conclusion of the live stream. We apologize for this and will get a complete version up as soon as we can. Thanks for being patient.

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Welcome to my site dealing with issues related to church leadership and teaching. If you are a leader, regardless of whether you serve in the church world or in the marketplace, I hope you will find something of value here. Leadership is hard, especially in today's climate. 

The picture above was taken on my last trip to Greece where we got to visit some of the islands. This is a view of some of the iconic windmills found on Mykonos.