I am a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, author, and retired professor. I have had the incredible privilege of keeping one foot in pastoral ministry and the other in the academic world as an adjunct professor. It has been an incredible journey so far and the life lessons along the way have been beyond anything I've ever imagined.

I'm married to an amazing woman named Darlene, and we have two sons who we are incredibly proud of.

This is my personal blog. It's goal is quite simple. Its a place to post thoughtful reflections on spirituality and leadership. In my world, the two are intrinsically connected even though there are times it doesn't feel like they are. I believe that for anyone engaged in leading others, their lives need to be lived with integrity, thoughtfulness, humility, and purpose.

I presently serve as the Lead Pastor of Village Green Community Church (Located in Ontario, Canada).

I write on self-development and productivity in order to help leaders excel in their roles. The journey of leadership has been a long and arduous one for me, but its been one that I've never regretted taking.

With that in mind, I wanted to create helpful and insightful content, as well as share resources and other relevant material to assist you in your private and professional life.

If you are a leader - or are working towards that goal, I hope you find the content of this blog to be a resource that helps you in whatever facet of leadership you are involved. There are lots of blogs on leadership, maybe far more than there should be, but I am hoping that what you read here will inspire you to engage at a higher level, and to truly maximize your potential.

Unless otherwise stated, I am not writing in an official capacity for any organization that I serve. Everything on this site are my own thoughts and reflections and are my responsibility alone.