We Need More Visionary Leaders

January 10, 2018

We Need More Visionary Leaders

Have you heard of Moon Express? Did you know they are six months away from launching their first mission to the moon in order to mine its resources-resources estimated to be in the trillions of dollars? 

When I first heard this I thought it was being spearheaded by NASA or some other major aerospace organization with plenty of resources to back them. It turns out to be the brainchild of Naveen Jain, an entrepreneur of exceptional visionary capacity. 

If you want to hear Naveen's inspiring story you can find it here in a recent episode of The School of Greatness podcast.

Visionary leaders the likes of Jain, Musk, Jobs, etc., move the world in ways that others only dream of. Whether its mining on the moon, solar energy, electric cars, or medical advancements, most are propelled by people who saw the extent of the problem but refused to find the answers through conventional means.

If you take time to listen to the podcast of Neveen Jain, you will hear statements like dream big, or the crazier the idea the more you know you're on the right track.

These statements are counter-intuitive to most people and even evoke a sense of fear. Yet for those who refuse to let limitations that would deter others stand in their way, the opportunities are endless.

Visionary leaders affect every aspect of our lives. They can sometimes be the most criticized in the present but most celebrated years later. They are seen as trail blazers that move the world forward.

They exhibit the following characteristics:

They take more risks

They dream with the expectation of seeing it come to fruition

They adapt better to the changing environment

They see opportunities where others see roadblocks

They are not limited by what is, but on what can be

They are willing to break the rules to achieve what seems impossible to others

They inspire others to embrace new possibilities

As a leader in the church world, it can sometimes feel like we've lost our sense to dream big or to reach beyond our own limitations. This is especially troubling considering we serve a God in whom all things are possible.

As 2018 begins, lets dream bigger, reach farther, and attempt more than we have before. Let's not allow fear or past mistakes to quench not only our sense of adventure, but our ultimate trust in a big God!

Welcome to a new year, with new possibilities. Let's dream big!

“You only fail when you give up. An idea that you try may or may not work, and every idea that does not work is simply a stepping stone to a bigger idea.” 
— Naveen Jain, Founder and Executive Chairman, Moon Express

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