The Trojan horse of Leadership

Every leader longs to make an impact but as history has proven, the legacy of leadership is fraught with failure. What makes a gifted and talented leader suddenly implode, leaving destruction in their wake?

The book explores how our strengths - the very characteristics that make us marketable, successful, and worthy of following - can actually contribute to sabotaging our leadership. A timely read in light of the present leadership climate that advocates focusing on strengths while virtually ignoring the weaknesses.

Using the well-known story of the Trojan Horse, the book illustrates how the Greeks exploited a Trojan strength, resulting in tragic consequences for the people of Troy. To illustrate further, the studies used throughout are prominent biblical characters. As paragons of faith, they serve as examples of the human potential to succeed or fail, and the mechanisms behind each.

This book will give you the keys to identifying the potential for a Trojan Horse in your life and leadership. It will equip and guard you and the organization you lead from becoming a casualty of your strengths. If you are looking to make a positive and lasting impact with your leadership, then this book will provide the needed tools to win the battle that every leader faces.